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My name is Ryan Browne and I am currently a first year student at Pacific Lutheran University. I am from Los Angeles, California, from a city called La Canada. When I was 1, my family moved to Japan and lived there for 2 years. Then when I was 5, my family moved to Hong Kong. I lived in LA for the next 12 years attending elementary, middle and high school. I came up here to the Pacific Northwest because I wanted something different. I have no idea where I will be heading for my future but all I know is that I want to go into tech journalism.
I am a huge techie and metalhead. I gained my fascination with tech through YouTube, watching videos from creators such as Linus Tech Tips, BitWit, Austin Evans, Hardware Canucks and my years as a gamer. I aspire to become a tech journalist working for companies like Linus Media Group or IGN.
This blog is part of my Writing Career Connections class. I expect to write about many different subjects and topics, and with many different writing styles.