About Us

LuteTimes offers budding student journalists the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of public communication. This site has won THREE Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards for online reporting.

LuteTimes is owned and operated by the faculty of Department of Communication as a public communication learning laboratory. It is student-run, student-managed and student-edited.

Our mission is to provide students with an opportunity to fully experience the role of public communicators–the responsibilities and rewards. Please be aware, the students posting here are at the beginning of their careers and are not yet fully baked.

Thus, we sincerely welcome your comments and feedback.

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  1. Thank you for making the LUTE TIMES available via the Internet. I enjoy it.
    Has the newspaper ever done an article on why the PLU has never had a football field. While I have not performed the research, I would bet there isn’t another university in America that has produced several national championship teams that doesn’t have a field for them to play on. Is this strange? Actually, I think it is beyond strange. Hats off to the coaches for all that they do for their players and the university. A class act unlike any other I have ever witnessed!

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