NEWS RELEASE: Grab Your Bunad and Celebrate Sytten De Mai With the Scan Club


MEDIA CONTACTS: Donald Ryan, Interim Director of the Scandinavian Cultural Center, (253) 535-7349, | Sarah Ameny, President of the Scandinavian Club,


If Scandinavian culture, hangout sessions, or celebrations sound exciting, you’re in luck. These are activities the Scandinavian Club at Pacific Lutheran University participate in all of the time. They would love for you to join their next celebration by honoring Norway’s independence with the Sytten de Mai flag raising on May 17, 2017.

PLU’s Scandinavian Club is joining the Scandinavian Cultural Center in a flag raising ceremony to celebrate Norwegian Constitution Day at 8 a.m. on Red Square. Sarah Ameny, Scandinavian Club President, and Kristi Floyd, active club member, will represent the Scandinavian Club by raising the American Flag.

After the ceremony the festivities continue; everyone will make their way to the Scandinavian Center where Norwegian treats will be provided for free.

“It’s a lot of fun, and you can’t beat free food,” Kristi Floyd said.

Sytten de Mai, Norwegian for May 17, is a national holiday in Norway that celebrates the state’s independence. There are parades throughout the country where citizens dress up in traditional clothing called bunad. While PLU’s ceremony is much smaller– and bunad optional– it has been held on campus for 40 years. The Scandinavian Club is proud to play a role in such an important celebration of Scandinavian history.

The Scandinavian Club loves to explore Scandinavian traditions and history, and often attends events celebrating this culture. This includes Norwegian events like Sytten de Mai, or events that celebrate the culture of the other Scandinavian countries; Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. The club is open to anyone who is curious about Scandinavian culture, or would like to hangout and make new friends.


If you would like more information, or are interested in joining the Scandinavian Club, you can contact Sarah Ameny, club president,  via email at

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