NEWS RELEASE: Camp Counselor Club Comes Back to Campus

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From Lutes Love Camp, Pacific Lutheran University

MEDIA CONTACTS: Kyle Siemers, Cofounder,, and Kara Barkman, Cofounder,



Do you love camp? If your immediate response involved a wildly enthusiastic “Yes!” or a flashback to your favorite camp memory, an opportunity is arising fall semester that will help you get out all that pent up camp energy.

Lutes Love Camp, a club meant specifically for all of us who love camp, has reactivated and will begin regular meetings in the fall. If you are looking for a place to talk about camp, share your stories, or even just bask in that unique camp energy, Lutes Love Camp is the place for you.

“We’ve found that when camp people get together they get super excited and happy and we wanted to find a place for them to release that energy,” said club cofounder Kyle Siemers.

Meetings will serve as an opportunity to share camp stories, songs, games and many other camp related activities. Aside from regular meetings, Lutes Love Camp strives to help members with various camp related skills ranging from group hikes, to first aid training, to community outreach.  Individuals with both secular and religious camp experiences are welcome.

Cofounder Kara Barkman said, “We just want this to be an opportunity to create a community of people with a shared interest that is so close to so many people’s hearts.”

The club also aims to allow others to learn about different camps. No camp is the same as other camps, and to learn about different traditions, daily schedules, and activities can help members broaden their horizons in the camp world.

Lutes Love Camp is a recently reactivated club on campus that welcomes individuals from all camp backgrounds to create a community that is inclusive and based around a unique shared experience. Meetings will begin regularly Fall 2017.


For more information contact Kyle Siemers at or Kara Barkman at

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