NEWS RELEASE: Alpha Psi Omega: Make It Happen

Screenshot (34)News Release

From Alpha Psi Omega of PLU



For Immediate Release

May 10, 2017


Media Contacts

Nicolai Roycraft, APO member,


Alpha Psi Omega: Make It Happen

“Alpha Psi Omega is my opportunity to create something that previously did not exist.”

This is what Nicolai Roycraft ’18 said when talking about Alpha Psi Omega, the student-run theatre program here at PLU. Alpha Psi Omega of PLU is a student run organization based around the national honor society of Alpha Psi Omega that encourages student expression and voluntary collaboration in theatre. Through the program, students can rely on one another to create meaningful theatre experiences that push students to experience all aspects of theatre, from acting to design to stage managing. Alpha Psi Omega provides a place for students of all backgrounds to enjoy their passion for theatre and express themselves through acting, singing and dancing.



Alpha Psi Omega is a national honor society dedicated to encouraging excellence within collegiate theatre programs

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