Trump’s Hardline Policy: Jackpot or Total Loss

By Chris Park

“Gotta behave,” President Donald Trump said, when asked by a reporter at the White House Easter Egg Roll for his message to Kim Jong Un. In my opinion, I do not consider Trump’s aggressiveness toward North Korea as an intentional strategy, but his aggressiveness seems to be his genuine personality. You may not like his hot temper, however, if his hot temper is tailored with his administration which could exquisitely trim his bold and risky plans, the United States may achieve an unprecedented victory.


The entire world is breaking out in a cold sweat after Donald Trump’s reaction toward North Korea’s failed missile launch. Media from all over the world are concerning about Trump’s hardline policy toward North Korea as well as China. “I explained to the President of China that a trade deal with the U.S. will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem,” Trump said on Twitter.


Not only is the Trump administration pressing North Korea but also China. According to Reuters, China has banned imports of North Korean coal, the country’s most important export, in February, and Chinese media have raised the possibility of restricting oil shipments to the North.


Although Trump’s aggressiveness may pose a high risk of a situation where nuclear war could break out at any time, if the Trump administration in cooperation with Russia and China puts cautious and gradual pressure on North Korea, it may lead to North Korea’s denuclearization.


Currently, North Korea is financially isolated as China and Russia have broken off the trade with North Korea. “Since last year, Kim Jong Un has tested more missiles than his father and grandfather combined,” said Florida Republican Rep. Ted Yoho.


The United States has a few more options other than the current sanctions against North Korea. Yoho explains using “robust support for injecting outside information” into the closed country, to interrupt the regime’s control over its citizens. In addition, more severe sanctions could be added to press North Korea. North Korea had never faced a president like Donald Trump.


President Trump’s hardline policy may take the first step to North Korea’s denuclearization if harmoniously done with his administration. The sanctions and winning the support from Russia and China are considered as an initial step of the hardline policy. As Yoho explains, whether it is injecting outside information into North Korea or adding more aggressive sanctions, the Trump administration should cautiously handle the hardline policy.


Both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are not taking this issue lightly since it has been a situation where nuclear war could break out at any time. In this type of urgent situation, Trump’s boldness that might be considered as reckless is needed. Trump’s reckless boldness that fears nothing, and Trump administration’s unbiased counsel which articulate and refine Trump’s bold plans could be a potent weapon.

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