NEWS RELEASE: PLU’s Outdoor Recreation Brings the PNW to Students

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News Release

From Outdoor Recreation at Pacific Lutheran University 


MEDIA CONTACTS: Katie Anderson, Finance and Operations Director, (406) 270-9770

PLU’s Outdoor Recreation Brings the PNW to Students

By attending PLU, you have committed to the school closest to Mt. Rainier and in the midst of great landmarks in the Pacific Northwest. What do you do now to get off campus and how do you get there? At Pacific Lutheran University, Outdoor Recreation is the way to let your inner adventurer run free.

Outdoor Recreation works to engage the students of PLU in outdoor activities every weekend in the great Pacific Northwest. Accessibility and a variety of options for students is an intentional and fundamental part of how the organization is run.

“It’s a really fun group and connects people from different backgrounds and different degree programs,” said Finance and Operations Director Katie Anderson. “It’s a great place to build community, and the community built within the leaders can also be shared with PLU.”

This student run organization has three parts to it, which include leading trips, renting out gear to students, and running the Bike Co-op. Outdoor Rec. organizes one to two trips every weekend for students and longer trips on longer weekends. These trips give students opportunities to experience the surrounding area of PLU, and also the state of Washington. Trips are led by volunteer trip leaders who are not paid, but are well trained and want students to have the opportunity to get off campus.

Outdoor Rec. has taken more of a focus on outreach, where they have worked with the Diversity Center and have tabled asking students what they would like out of OR. Regardless of which end of the spectrum students are in experience, Outdoor Rec. can accommodate all on their trips.

For more information, PLU students may contact Outdoor Recreation at or visit the Outdoor Rec. website. To sign up for any trips in the upcoming year, students are able to do so on the IMLeagues website.


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