NEWS RELEASE: Campus Safety Services for PLU Community

From Pacific Lutheran University Campus Safety           


MEDIA CONTACTS; Greg Premo, Campus Safety Director, (253) 535-8787                        Shawn Thompson, Camps Safety Operations Supervisor, (253) 535-7441

Campus Safety Services to PLU Community

They wear khaki pants, black jackets, big bolded letters and have an array of tools on their belt. You have seen them around campus, but have you ever wondered what they do?

PLU’s Campus Safety department is the university’s first responders for all emergency and non-emergency responses on campus. They work in partnership with the campus community to help create and maintain the highest level of safety and security for everyone. Open 24/7 everyday, Campus Safety is home to the largest student employment on campus, as well as have more than 15 professional staff on duty. In addition to this, the Director of Campus Safety, Greg Premo, is a contracted City Chief with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Campus Safety’s main concern is to promote and sustain a safe environment for all PLU community members. To ensure this they are emphasizing the variety of services that students and staff can utilize at any time.

The main service Campus Safety provides for PLU is 24/7 surveillance and patrols of campus where the importance of prevention is key to the department. For this PLU also hires off duty deputies from PCSD to help patrol campus and the surrounding areas as well as help respond to incidents.

“We respond to crimes but our main focus is on the prevention from crimes every happening in the first place,” said Shawn Thompson, Campus Safety Operational Supervisor.

Escorts are another important service provided that Campus Safety encourages PLU community members to utilize if they ever feel unsafe going anywhere alone. The department offers walking escorts anywhere on or adjacent to campus as well as night time driving escorts within a perimeter around PLU.



Aside from patrols, incident response and escorts, Campus Safety offers much more to the PLU community. A partial list of services provided are as followed :

  • Free walking and driving escorts
  • Vehicle jumpstarts
  • Building and room admits
  • Emergency response
  • 24/7 surveillance and patrols
  • Lost and found
  • Emergency notifications
  • University vehicle reservations

PLU’s Campus Safety mission is to serve the campus community, promote and sustain a safe environment and effectively respond to campus incidents. For more information about Campus Safety and the services they provide students and community members may call (253)535-7441


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