NEWS RELEASE: Active Minds Club Looks to Educate

From Pacific Lutheran University

May 10, 2017

Dr. Mary Moller, Advisor,
Alaa Alshaibani, President,

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, almost 73 percent of students living with a mental health condition experienced a mental health crisis on campus. Yet, 34.2 percent reported that their college did not know about their crisis.

Active Minds, a club at Pacific Lutheran University, created a safe space on campus where students come to discuss the misnomers of mental illnesses. The club gathers every Monday at 6 p.m. in Admin 211.

Club meetings are programming oriented. Active Minds has planned events such as a scene in “The Tunnel of Oppression, the “100 Reasons to Live” video in order to raise suicide awareness, and are wrapping up the year by joining Student Veteran Association (SVA) in their “Dead Week Reawakening” program.

“The stigma of mental illness needs to end,” said Alaa Alshaibani, President of Active Minds. “In order for this to happen, the conversation around mental health needs to change.” The club is looking to extend an invitation to PLU students, no matter their backgrounds, to join the weekly dialogue about the effects of mental health.

For more information about the club, PLU students and community can email


Active Minds Club works to provide education, advocacy, and peer support for mental health on campus and in the community.


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