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Tom Smith, Artistic Director of Theatre, PLU Theatre Department, (253)-535-7323.


As the year is winding down, it seems, more and more students and faculty are winding up. From the stress of finals week drawing closer, and the panic of graduation leering, people are looking to release the tension. Luckily, the PLU theatre department has just the answer.

Moon Over Buffalo is opening Thursday, May 11, for student preview, and performs May 12, 13, 19, and 20 at 7:30pm and May 21 at 2pm on the Eastvold stage in the Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are $3 for PLU students, $8 for general admission and $5 for seniors and military.

“The audience can expect to have a lot of great laughs,” said Artistic Director, Tom Smith, “and a really fun cast doing amazingly hilarious things on stage.”

This show focuses on fading stars George and Charlotte Hay who are stuck in Buffalo, New York performing for small audiences with an even smaller company of actors in the 1950’s. Though, when word arrives that film director Frank Capra is coming to see their show, the pair do everything they can to leave the stage and make it back into the movies.

Along with the exciting plot the audience can expect, “lots of surprise plot twists and tremendous comedy,” said Chuck Stern, the production’s Stage Manager.
So, join us for a wonderful stress-free night, starting Thursday for student preview. The showing is free to anyone with a valid student ID. Available only at the door or the PLU Campus Concierge in the Anderson University Center. Non-students are eligible to purchase tickets for standard ticket price.

In the words of the show’s playwright himself, Ken Ludwig, “It is not the movies, it is not television, it is theatre! The Theatre.”

Tickets are available online, at the door, or by calling Campus Concierge at 253-535-7411. For more information, join the Moon Over Buffalo group on Facebook,

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