Team captains lead in tough times, too

By Lacey Nicholson

Being a leader on a team with a losing record will mold you into a stronger individual later in life. The title “team captain” looks great on a resume, but every captain is different in how they handle times of adversity. Some are lucky enough to not face much adversity throughout a sports season. The title of being a team leader is glamorous to the outsiders. The hurdles you have to cross as a leader is far more difficult than some may think.

A captain holds the responsibility of keeping a team together and motivated throughout the season- a task that is much more difficult when experiencing more losses than wins. When looking at the bigger picture, the leaders who are faced with adversity are bound to grow so much more and are likely to be successful later on in the work place. These leaders have to have thick skin when losing a battle and knowing what others are thinking and saying about the team. They must have a short memory in order to forget the past and refocus on the main goal of the team. They will communicate clearly with the coaching staff and their teammates to keep everyone on the same page. Finally, and most importantly, they will never quit when faced with adversity.
Being a leader on a losing team will be emotionally exhausting and mentally challenging, but it molds young people to become successful in the real world.

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