NEWS RELEASE: Art exhibition of runes comes to PLU!

logoNews Release From the Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA 


June 23, 2016

Media Contacts:

Elizabeth I. Ward, Director of the Scandinavian Cultural Center:

(253) 535 7322

Marc Ellen Hamel, Nordic 5 Arts contact person:

Art exhibition of runes comes to PLU 

Have you ever been curious or fascinated by the ancient European runic alphabet? The Scandinavian Cultural Center delves into the mythical symbolism of runes as they host a contemporary art exhibition called “Runes revealed.” The exhibition presents 43 rune-inspired art pieces made by artists from Nordic 5 Art, a San Francisco based art group. The exhibition opens at 6 p.m. on July 8 and will be on display until Oct. 1.


‘Woman Warrior’ by Kati Casida. 

Based on the Old Norse language and Vikings, the runic alphabet date back to c. 200 AD and is comprised of 24 characters. Director of the Scandinavian Cultural Center, Elizabeth I. Ward, says that Nordic 5 Arts had a different exhibition at the Scandinavian Center in 2008, which makes the rune exhibition the second time for Nordic 5 Arts to display their art at Pacific Lutheran University. 

“The rune concept is really interesting. Each rune has a particular association with a specific god in Norse Mythology. The artists like to pick a theme, and then everybody builds their art around that,” Ward said. 

Nordic 5 Arts is an art group that was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1993 by Kati Casida, an artist of Norwegian heritage. Today the art group is comprised of 30 independent professional artists born in Scandinavia or of Scandinavian heritage. The group gathers a couple of times annually to voluntarily exhibit their work and explore Nordic expressions within art. For “Runes Revealed,” the artists were inspired by the mystique that surrounds runes, and the 43 art pieces are comprised of mixed mediums such as painting, scripts, sculpture, textile, and photography. Two of the artists will be at the Scandinavian Center when the exhibit opens. 

The exhibition is an exclusive chance for visitors to explore their fascination for runes and discover how the runic alphabet resonated in us today. 

The Scandinavian Cultural Center (SCC) is housed on the first floor of the University Center at Pacific Lutheran University. It features a great hall, three exhibit galleries, and a demonstration kitchen. The SCC works to bring together individuals and organizations of the Pacific Northwest to promote development and understanding of Scandinavian-American experiences, cultures, and heritage, and to promote ties and awareness of current Scandinavian culture. 


If you want more information, please call (253) 535-7349, email or visit or drop by the SCC at University Center, Room #100, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, 98447. For more information about Nordic 5 Arts, please visit or email

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