Op-Ed: Pro-Choice

By: Monica Richardson ‘19

As a current college student in today’s generation, we look around and notice the world is constantly changing around us. The people we identified as in high school has changed. Now we have new thoughts, new friends and new desires. Everyone should have the option to do what they want to their body. Pro-choice should be the only choice.

Opinions in abortion advocacy currently exist within two predominant advocacy groups—pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice indicates you are advocating for the individual in belief that they can make the best choice for their body, while pro-life indicates that the individual bans all abortion and rather insists that impregnated women must birth their child.

How can we decide what is best for an individual? Considering we come from varying perspectives and experiences, I believe that only the individual has the authority to make a decision about their body. Coming from a product of adoption gained an appreciation of the life I was given, but also provided reflection and thought that I could have been part of the 21 percent of abortions a year. Therefore it should be up to the individual to be able to pick which choice they pick for their personal beliefs, situation and potential child.

Coming from a family that values life, why wouldn’t I be all for pro-life? There are many different situations: situations such as rape or simply an inability to support a child. One out of 6 women are the victims of sexual assault according to RAINN. The main reason those are victimized are mainly because they are simply “asking for it”.

There are many individuals that had a chance of survival even though their parents either couldn’t support or weren’t physically prepared for a child. But there are many families that did not take that path.

The issue is really with old white men telling women how to manage their body and dictating what is constituted as right and wrong. Furthermore the issue lies with the people that listen and allow these old white men opinions to narrow their beliefs and determine what is socially acceptable in terms of bringing life into the world. Women are alive just as much as the children they conceive and therefore have a right to their bodies and deserve the right for people to not judge or demean their choices.

Yes, having pro-life would allow every child with life, but at what cost? According to NCCP (National enter for Children in Poverty), a child growing up in a low-income household has limited resources, is growing up in a neighborhood that hinders learning and is statistically lower in test scores. Children are provided a chance for a life, but with knowledge that their life will be an economical, social and educational struggle with possibility for an inability to be a successful member of society is something worth considering when deciding whether you are pro-life or pro-choice.



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