NEWS RELEASE: Ice Cream Social










Pacific Lutheran University Official Habitat email:

Jordan Landez, Campus Chapter Outreach Coordinator

Melissa Munson, Public Relations officer


End of the Year Ice Cream Bash

Do you like ice cream? Do you enjoy volleyball? 8pm, Thursday, May 19, PLU’s campus chapter is hosting an all campus end of the year volleyball and ice cream social at PLU’s outdoor volleyball court. What better way to celebrate the end of the school year?


Why is habitat hosting this you may ask? Not only does the campus chapter simply want to get rid of its ice cream, but also the chapter hopes to engage with since the it’s only been around campus for three years.  


“Having a campus chapter allows for students with similar interests to have a strong community and support system to aid them in their pursuit to better their communities,” states Melissa Munson.


This ice cream bash is giving back to those who gave back throughout the year. Not limited to just committee members – everyone is welcome. Habitats goal for the ice cream social is to simply, get people more aware of our club. The Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter Club’s mission this year was to make the club more aware of the issues facing homelessness while also grabbing new members to be involved in a worldwide organization.


“It provides an opportunity for students to engage with and improve the Parkland community while also simultaneously decreasing homelessness” says our new Public Relations officer, Donovan Klega.

Any questions regarding habitat or the event: contact, the Campus Chapters email.


Habitat for Humanity prides itself building homes alongside homeowners so everyone has a roof over their head and a safe place to live, this small action of an ice cream social, helps branch out and bring more knowledge: “We build hope and we build the opportunity for families to help themselves.” –

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