NEWS RELEASE: Student newscast proves unique experiences are essential to winning awards


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   Mast TV office lower University Center RM 174



For Immediate Release

May 10,  2016


Genny Boots, Mast TV General Manager,

Jake Bilyeu, Mast TV Executive Producer,


Student newscast proves unique experiences are essential to winning awards

Pacific Lutheran University’s very own news show has been named a finalist in the Society of Professional Journalism (SPJ) for “Best Student Newscast”. Through student creativity and teamwork a small group of PLU students have been running a weekly news show for the 2015-2016 academic year.

“News @ Nine” offers a unique experience for students throughout their time at PLU. With a variety of shows ranging from news to late night comedy shows, students learn how to be professional in a TV studio environment. Because of the opportunity to do hands-on learning and use teamwork, this year’s students were able to put together an award winning show.

“We are a hands-on office,” said Genny Boots, Mast TV General Manager, “ You get a camera and a tripod and just go. I think this energy and attitude carried over and the SPJ shows that.”

With several notable alumni including Seattle newscast King 5’s Chris Egan and Portland, Oreg. newscast KOIN 6’s Carla Miller, Mast TV (formerly KCNS) and its news program show that experience is key. The program offers for early experience for students who want to become professional newscasters or TV producers after college. Alumni like Egan and Miller prove just that.The SPJ finalist award is given to the newscast that produces a great show and offers a great experience for students.

The award finalist show airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. here. Past episodes can be viewed here. All students are welcome to learn and participate in these newscast.


Mast TV, specifically “News @ Nine”, offers a unique opportunity for students ranging from first-years to seniors to get involved with TV broadcasting. Students will learn competitive skills to prepare them to lead lives of leadership and media literacy. It is because of these skills learned in this environment that Mast TV was selected as a finalist for the SPJ award.


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