NEWS RELEASE: ROTC Sends PLU Students Abroad Summer 2016



News Release

Memorial Gymnasium

Pacific Lutheran University

124th Street

Tacoma WA, 98447


May 11, 2016


Erik Dye, Professor of Military Science, (253) 535-8740Shannon Calhoun, Senior Administrative Assistant, (253) 535-8200

NEWS RELEASE: ROTC Sends PLU Students Abroad Summer 2016

Pacific Lutheran University’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program will be sending eight Cadets to seven different countries this summer beginning in late May for the Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP).

The program offers a range of missions including humanitarian aid, education, and military to military contact. Throughout their time in country, which is about 3 weeks, Cadets have the opportunity to build relationships and cross cultural barriers.

“Going to Africa has been a dream of mine since I was a kid,” Jessica Mason, Sophomore, said. Mason will be teaching English in a school, playing soccer with kids, and working with the Tanzanian Army.

PLU Cadets competed against ROTC programs nation-wide on an individual basis for the opportunity to receive this opportunity. Competing factors included GPA, physical fitness, and previous language experience.

Other countries PLU students will be visiting include:

  • Cambodia
  • Mongolia
  • The Phillippines


  • Mozambique
  • Madagascar
  • Hungary


ROTC has been part of Pacific Lutheran University since 1985. The ROTC program at PLU was part of a satellite institution together with the University of Puget Sound and the Saint Martin’s College. All three schools were hosted by Seattle University. In 2001, Pacific Lutheran University became the nation’s 269th host school after a faculty vote.There are now currently 273 programs nation wide.

The Lute Battalion’s mission is to provide challenging leadership development to commission quality officers that meet the United States Army leadership requirements while motivating young people to be strong community leaders and better citizens.

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