NEWS RELEASE: Bubbles and popsicles with Harstad Hall


News Release
From Harstad Hall, PLU


May 11, 2016

Anna McClelland, Public Relations Director,

Bubbles and popsicles with Harstad Hall

With finals approaching students need ways to have fun and relieve stress. What’s more stress relieving than gigantic bubbles, popsicles, and being outside in the sun?

Harstad Hall is hosting a Fun in the Sun study break event Sunday, May 22 at 7 p.m. It will be located outside behind Harstad Hall. There will be giant bubbles to play with, a DIY water bottle craft, and students will be given popsicles to help “chill out” before finals.

The event is being held to help students relax in between studying for finals. According to the American Psychological Association, stress affects a student’s working memory which is vital in understanding and remembering information for tests. By taking a study break and relieving stress by partaking in fun activities, Harstad Hall RHC hopes that residents will do well on their finals.

Kathy Allen, Harstad Hall RHC vice president says that the event will be a big hit.

“The Fun in the Sun event is going to be a blast! Harstad’s RHC is looking forward to bubbles, popsicles and great community,” says Allen.

The event will be open to Harstad Hall residents and is free. Contact Anna McClelland at  for more information.

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Harstad Hall is one of many Pacific Lutheran University residence halls located in between the AUC and the library. It was the original college built 126 years ago and now is used as the all-female residence hall.

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