PROFILE: The new face of PLU leadership

By Natalie Mooney ’19

Kat Slaby celebrates her Lute pride by sharing why she gives: for the students. By working on a college campus, giving back to students is easy in a job like hers.

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Emerging Leaders students work on an ice breaker activity at their first retreat of the year in September. Slaby worked to plan this event for first-year students to get to know each other and get acclimated with the Emerging Leaders program.

Photos Courtesy of Kat Slaby.

Leaders at Pacific Lutheran University are not just average. Thanks to great advising, encouragement and flexibility, the new face of leadership at PLU is something that is evolving and looking up for the future.

Kat Slaby is the new Program Coordinator for Student Involvement and Leadership at PLU. After only being in this position since June 2015, Slaby has high hopes in this moment of change for the leadership program. Slaby started at PLU in July of 2012 as a Resident Director for Harstad Hall. She then moved to serve as Resident Director for Hong and Hinderlie Halls in 2013 until moving to her current position last year.

Slaby’s duties as Program Coordinator include managing clubs and organizations, Emerging Leaders, the mentor program, scholar series and co-advising ASPLU. Just this year Slaby has started the clubs appreciation event, updated the website, updated the Emerging Leaders program and scholar series program and made a clubs handbook.  Slaby noted how proud she is of the leadership at PLU and how leaders here are on another level here.

“PLU leaders do not just settle,” Slaby said.

This year, Slaby has been working on changing the face of PLU leadership. She has already revamped a lot of the curriculum, but is working on doing that even more for years to come. Most notably, she is working currently on the Emerging Leaders curriculum.

Emerging Leaders is a program in the scholar series in which she is excited about the new curriculum. Students in the program are required and encouraged to attend events that build them as leaders and urge them to ask Big Enough Questions as well as think about their vocation, two things all Lutes know very well at this point. Asking tough questions and thinking about vocation are two important things that set leaders at PLU apart from average leaders.

Chuck Stern, first-year, described his experience in the Emerging Leaders program as rewarding and helpful in making his time at PLU worthwhile.

“I met some of my best friends through Emerging Leaders,” Stern said.

Due to the vast variety of programs PLU offers for leaders, it is easy to get involved. PLU stresses students to discover certain qualities like compassion and zest, and that is another thing that sets them apart from other schools.

“PLU leaders know the roots and values of the institution and they are able to ask the big enough questions,” Slaby said.


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