PROFILE: PLU legacy finds passion in sports radio


Grandson of Pacific Lutheran football coaching legend, Frosty Westering, has made his own mark on PLU history as a journalist for Mast Media.

Kellen Westering, senior, started out his PLU football career as a wide receiver, coached by his father, Scott Westering. However, due to numerous injuries his football career was put on pause.


Photo courtesy of Kellen Westering Westering catching a pass during his first game as a first-year athlete. The game was against California Lutheran at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup, Wash.

Westering started his journalism career broadcasting basketball games since his freshman year, then added football games after an injury prevented him from playing.

“I wanted to be involved in some way,” Westering said.

Westering is a communication major with a concentration in journalism. His professor, Joanne Lisosky, pushed him to start writing for the school newspaper, The Mast. From there he added sports anchoring and radio to his media resume.

Westering writes a piece for The Mast called “Kellen’s Corner” where he gets quotes from PLU coaches about their seasons. He also anchors for “News @ Nine” once a week, doing a sports segment, and cohosts a radio show, “Sports Talk.”

“Sports Talk” is on Fridays at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and covers sports both at PLU and on the professional level. Westering hosts with two other students, Drew Ardissone, junior, and Christian Bond, sophomore. Together, they are 2 1/2 Athletes.

“Working with Kellen is great. Because his family is so instrumental in the PLU community, he has access to great resources,” Bond said. “He’s really helpful in that he knows so much of the stuff that goes on here at PLU.”

Westering enjoys doing radio most out of all of his media jobs because he has the ability to be creative and talk about whatever he wants.

“I look forward to it every Friday,” Westering said.

Westering, Bond, and Ardissone arrive in the UC where they host “Sports Talk” 30 minutes before air to discuss the script and prepare for the next two hours.

The room is covered in vinyls and has a very relaxed atmosphere. All three hosts sit with a laptop in front of them with their script lighting the screen, headphones on, and a microphone four inches from their faces.

During the show the boys crack jokes and discuss sports by themselves and with guests (Scott Westering was their most recent guest). The show goes on with a lighthearted air and it was easy to tell that the three men enjoy what they do.


Photo by: Kelsey Littleton ’18 Westering laughs while interviewing his father, Scott Westering, for “Sports Talk” on April 8, 2016 in PLU’s University Center. Scott Westering was on the show to discuss PLU football recruiting and prior seasons.

“I love it so much,” Westering said. “I feel like if I wasn’t involved in this stuff I would just be going through the motions in school.”

Westering plans to graduate Winter 2016 so he can have the opportunity to play one last season of football with his father as his coach. He wants to pursue a career in radio, anchoring, or broadcasting, all with a focus on sports.

As for a career in coaching like his father and grandfather?

“It’s in my blood,” said Westering, who is also minoring in coaching.

Kellen Westering had big shoes to fill during his career at Pacific Lutheran University, and through that pressure he found a passion of his own in sports journalism, specifically sports radio.

“I definitely think The Mast has broadened my horizons,” Westering said. “This is what I want to do in the future.”

Click here to listen to “Sports Talk”

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