PROFILE: Foreman looks forward

By: Dylan Ward ’17

A student, athlete, leader has made an impact on and off the court this season following a conference tournament appearance.

Dylan Foreman, sophomore, finished up another stellar season as a Guard for PLU Men’s Basketball February after the team’s best performance in almost two decades.

Foreman has proven himself to be one of PLU’s power movers during his first two seasons as a Lute. His confidence as a player has grown during that time as well.

“He’s for sure our best all-around player,” PLU coach Steve Dickerson said.

Foreman was voted best defensive player this season despite having been one of the top scorers on the team. According to the team’s statistics, Foreman scored an average of 14.4 points per game this season, and 11.4 last season. That was more than three times as many points as his top scoring game in high school.

Coach Dickerson recruited Foreman from Bellevue where he is noted for being one of their best defensive players. However, Coach Dickerson did not recognize Foreman’s potential as strictly defensive.

“My freshman year the coaches believed in me to be a scorer,” Foreman said, “this year I took that up a level.”


Courtesy of Dylan Foreman

In January Foreman was recognized in an Article by the Tacoma News Tribune for his achievements as both an offensive and defensive player.

Next season Foreman said he plans on becoming even stronger and more physical in order to prevent opposing teams from scoring as much, and put more points on the board.

Foreman said that continued aggression on both defense and offense translated into wins for the team this season, and will in the future.

The team ended the season with 3 graduating seniors including Bryce Miller, one of the top re-bounders in the conference. Foreman said Miller is the best passing center in the league by far.

“Other role players are definitely going to step up and improve in the off-season,” Foreman said of the loss of Miller and others.

Not only has Foreman been a leader on the court, but he also demonstrated the same attributes in the classroom as well. He decided early to pursue a communications degree, and write for PLU’s student newspaper The Mast in the sports section.

“That’s the other thing about Dylan,” coach Dickerson said, “He’s super competitive and consistent on the court, in the classroom, and in life.”

Foreman has been a student, athlete, and leader at PLU thus far, making a difference for both the team and the University.

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