Month: December 2015

50 Shades of Fairytales

Romance movies’ influence on our culture is ruining our expectations for love and relationships. Elise Anderson ’17 The destruction of contemporary culture’s understanding of love is a result of the portrayal of romance in film. The selective storytelling of film in media tells… Read More ›

Diversity vs Inclusion

By:MALLORIE BALLARD’17 The United States, as a country, has come a long way in terms of creating equality. We have gone through the civil rights movement to create equality among races, and spent decades going through waves of feminist movements… Read More ›

Broaden Your Borders

By MORGAN STARK ’17 Going to a liberal arts university and studying journalism I am constantly having conversations about policies and issues that exist overseas. But coming from growing up in the U.S. as a white, female, who was born… Read More ›

Let’s Love Some Pups

News Release From Pacific Lutheran University 12180 Park Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98447 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 9, 2015 MEDIA CONTACTS Cheri Campbell, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Come Play With Some Furry Friends Finals week is here, and with… Read More ›

Be a 6 for PLU Basketball

News Release Pacific Lutheran University Athletics Men’s and Women’s Basketball Programs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec. 8, 2015 MEDIA CONTACTS Tyler Scott, Sports Information Director, (253)-535-7356 Be a 6 for PLU Basketball  It is time to make your way to… Read More ›