OP- ED: Why the NBA was Correct in not Awarding MVP to LeBron James


Everybody hates LeBron. I hate LeBron. However, “hate” is a strong word, so I’ll go with despise.  I despise LeBron James.

The lack of respect for his coach, David Blatt, the inability to trust his teammates, his consistent selfishness, and his overall skill all culminate to the conclusion that LeBron was not deserving of my applause or the MVP trophy. Stephen Curry, the true MVP for the Golden State Warriors, was deserving. He put up 24 points per game while shooting 44 percent from beyond the arc and 91 percent from the free throw line. Add an average of a little over seven assists per game and there lies an MVP. Let’s not forget about Curry’s slight frame with limited athletic ability. He proved that players don’t have to be the most athletic specimen to succeed in the NBA but rather skill outweighs the high-flyers like James in terms of performance.

I may despise James but there is no denying his freak athleticism. When James hits full speed down the court, no one can stop him from getting to the hoop. His explosive strength make him one of the hardest players to guard undoubtedly. He stands 6 feet 8 inches and weighs 280 pounds. Most defenders have to give him space which leaves him room for his jump shot. With that advantage he averaged 25 points per game and put up seven assists per game. Let’s compare the historical numbers though between James and Curry.

In his six seasons in the league Curry has arguably had his most impressive year. He is among the league leaders in three-point percentage, field goal percentage, and free throw percentage. James on the other hand, according to his numbers are some of the lowest of his 12 years in the league. He shoots about 13 percent less in the three-point category and 20 percent less in the free throw column than Curry.

Comparing James to Curry athletically, there is no contest; James has Curry beat in every aspect but Curry still put up better numbers and with less help from his teammates. I despise James for being hailed as some type of god; he is most certainly not. Numbers don’t lie and neither do Curry’s and James’ skill set. To go along with concrete averages and percentages, James needs to become a better basketball player if he ever wants to deserve the MVP again. He may have earned it when he was younger, but today is different. New talent and superstars flood the NBA and are surpassing James each year.

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