Op-Ed: The Seahawks Really Do Know What They’re Doing


The Seattle Seahawks have stood out in the NFL in the last few years for ushering in a new era of the sport.  There’s just been something different about this team.  No one player stood out above the rest of the team.  That was the case until this past year, where Russell Wilson’s innumerable commercial appearances and Marshawn Lynch’s media conflicts made them seem less concerned with their team.

And then, the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl in the final minute, and nothing made them stand out in the public’s eye other than choking.  Then in the NFL draft, it looked as if they’d stooped even lower when they selected Michigan Defensive End Frank Clark, who was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse in November.

While the selection hasn’t done much good for their public image just yet, are the Seahawks thinking a little further ahead than most fans are?  The Seahawks became the first to stand out among a group of teams led by this generation’s young athletes, so can’t they also be the first to turn the negative of a past domestic abuser into a positive outcome.

If the Seahawks are able to turn Frank Clark into a team player and a key contributor, we could be looking back on this pick as one of the great steals from this year’s draft.

Yes, the Seahawks are doing their best to dodge questions regarding Clark’s past misbehavior, but moving on from this incident could be a great way to turn over a new leaf for Clark.  The Seahawks have a full offseason to work on Clark’s play and character before he and the rest of the team are presented next season.

When that time comes, Clark wouldn’t have to do much to prove his worth.  Even though the Seahawks snagged Russell Wilson with a third-round pick a few years ago, the second-round grab from the next year, Running Back Christine Michael, hasn’t amounted to much.  Oh, and the Seahawks won the Super Bowl the year that they picked Michael.

Whether the Seahawks turn Frank Clark into a pro-bowler, a reliable backup, or nothing at all, the Seahawks don’t have to do much to bring success into a series of disappointing stories.  And if Clark does become a successful star on the team, then the Seahawks will be standing even higher above the rest than before.

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