OP-ED: Stephen Curry Deserves the MVP Award


Over the past two decades there have been a few names that continually show up as the Most Valuable Player of National Basketball Association (NBA).  It is no surprise that LeBron James has been awarded this honor a handful of times in his career. This season, a new name is added to the list of legends, Stephen Curry’s size does not reflect his passion and ability to play the game of basketball.  He is most deserving of this award for the 2014-2015 season.

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches and only weighing 190 pounds, Curry is a dominant factor to the Golden State Warriors roster. Curry leads his team, averaging nearly 24 points a game, and is an unselfish player adding about 8 assists per game.  With Curry’s leadership, the Warriors finished the regular season with the best record in the NBA (67-15). Not only is Curry an offensive factor but a defensive threat as well, averaging the team’s best, 2.04 steals per game.

Curry possesses another strength that cannot be recorded on paper, which is his ability to handle the ball.  Commentators refer to him as a “magician with the ball”, arguably making him the best ball handler in the league.

Some people may reason that this year’s Most Valuable Player Award should have been handed to a different player. LeBron James put up exceptional statistics this season, as expected, but his team was not as successful as a whole.  A select few, also averaged more points, rebounds or steals per game than Curry. What puts Curry above these players is his consistency, among other aspects of the game.

Stephen Curry is very deserving of the Most Valuable Player Award. He is a consistent intimidation on both offense and defense. He has lead his team to have the most successful season over all the teams in the NBA. Although Curry’s name is new to the MVP list, he has potential to reappear on the list in years to come.

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