OP-ED: Cheaters Shouldn’t Prosper

By Michael Pham ’17

At PLU, students caught cheating can fail courses, be suspended and expelled. These are the punishments given to capable adults who should know better. If these are the standards that college students are held to, why does Tom Brady get a break? Why does Alex Rodriguez get to pass Willie Mays for all-time home runs?


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Tom Brady was suspended for four games of the 2015-2016 NFL season for his role in deflating footballs. Rodriguez was suspended for the entire 2014 season after using performance-enhancing drugs.

To put these punishments into perspective, former baseball player Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life after betting on games. This made him ineligible for induction into the MLB Hall of Fame.

Do the punishments really fit the crime?

Sure, Brady and Rodriguez make more money than average Joe’s will earn in a lifetime (according to Forbes, Brady made $38 million last year and Rodriguez was due to be paid $25 million, but forfeited $22 million as part of his punishment).

Even now, Brady has prospered. Forbes also sneaked in a note that Tom Brady merchandise sales have increased 100 percent since the announcement of his suspension.

At this point, it is difficult to believe that the people in the front offices of the NFL and MLB will concoct a future punishment for cheating that pleases everyone involved. One would argue that the Patriots organization is hurting more than Brady after losing draft picks and $1 million.


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Brady will still play against the Colts (coincidentally the team that noticed his small balls) and Rodriguez will still be smacking homers out of the park.

Since we now know that the leagues won’t hand out effective punishments, who is it up to?

The fans that followed these icons game after game, leading their teams to glory and ultimate shame.

At PLU, students caught cheating are thrown out and don’t have people cheering for them to get back up as part of the underdog narrative. Why are fans still supporting Brady and cheering for Rodriguez?

Here’s the solution:


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