News Release: Students Celebrate Acceptance to Explore the Globe


For Immediate Release

Date: May 5, 2015


Megan Grover, Wang Center Manager, Short-Term Study Away Programs


Pacific Lutheran University is a globally-focused university and celebrates sending off its students to another J-term study program for learning about the diversity of the world.

The Wang Center celebrates all students accepted into the 2016 study away program with a kick-off orientation in the University Center, CK Hall on May 13, 2015, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Students will enjoy food and meet with their group that they will be studying and traveling with and learn of the opportunities their January will include.

The Wang Center states, “The goal is to provide students in all majors with the opportunity to participate in at least one study away experience that enhances their understanding of other cultures or languages”.

PLU prepares its students for their future with experience and opportunity throughout the globe. This is an opportunity not all students can have, and together the university celebrates the power of learning and stepping out into the world this January.

The Wang Center, the PLU organization putting on this event, is an organization that promotes global education. The Wang Center’s mission includes:

  •  Support and strengthen the university’s internationally-focused academic programs.
  • Coordinate and advance the university’s study away offerings, expanding student opportunities and participation.
  • Offer public education including symposia and publications.
  • Promote and leverage the university’s global and intercultural distinctions through partnerships, community outreach, consortia, and grant activities.
  • Grow into a dynamic research institute bringing faculty and students together for the exploration of global issues and peacemaking

In January 2006, Pacific Lutheran University became the first US higher education institution to have students studying simultaneously on all 7 continents. That is an award PLU students contribute to and is a strong achievement.

The Study Away 2016 Program will be an experience students will not forget. For those accepted, join the Wang Center in celebrated acceptance into the program, and an incredible opportunity.

The Wang Center Organization said, “Pacific Lutheran University is poised to achieve even greater distinction in international education through the combined efforts of the Wang Center, the Global Education Committee (GEC) and a broad array of schools and departments”.


The Wang Center is Pacific Lutheran University’s primary resource for students who want to study away as they aim to help students achieve their goal to study abroad. This organization aims to educate students to achieve a healthy, sustainable and peaceful world- locally and globally. They offer programs throughout each semester, J-Term, Summer, and year-long.

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