News Release: PLU Football Hosts High School Team Camp


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For Immediate Release

May 21, 2015

Contact Information

Dave Templin, Coach


Jud Keim, Coach / Recruiting Coordinator


PLU will help you become MORE THAN CHAMPIONS by spending two days learning from some of the top Northwest Conference college coaches and players – PLU football coach, Scott Westering will lead the camp, along with other staff members and PLU football players.

The camp is provided for high school student-athletes entering grades 9-12 in the Fall of 2015. This two-day event will take place June 26 through June 27, starting at 9a.m. and ending at 8 p.m.

Coaches want to share the MAGIC of PLU Football and a champions attitude which has helped produce: 22 National Play-Off Tournaments, 8 National Championship Game appearances and 4 National Championships – NAIA – 1980, 1987, 1993 NCAA DIII – 1999

“PLU Football is not like everywhere U, (A term Coach Westering uses referring to all the other college football programs in the country) we are a special program,” said DJ Winter, a PLU football player. “We really emphasize the brotherhood aspect of team camaraderie. Add that, on top of the legacy Frosty Westering has left behind. This program has a rich tradition in developing young boys into men.”

High school coaches will lead their players, creating a great chance to increase team chemistry. The two-day camp format has many benefits: compared to other team camps, PLU’s is affordable and fun. The coaches at PLU format the schedule so players don’t feel fatigued. Improving skills as a player and staying healthy at the same time.

The purpose of the camp is to serve the needs of coaches and athletes as they strive to become their best by providing a full contact experience with PLU’s football tradition and other high school teams.

Camp Includes:

  • Camp T-Shirt
  • Inner Game Book – Online access
  • Meals and lodging can be selected as desired.


This is a full contact camp. Coaches and Players please bring whatever gear is necessary including footballs for you to perform in a competitive situation. Teams should have the same color jerseys. Coaches will decide on how they want to ‘protect’ their quarterbacks if necessary (i.e., bringing a red jersey).

Register for the team camp on the Go Lutes hyperlink.


PLU football prides themselves not on winning but on character building. The legacy the Westering’s have developed has created a positive environment for young boys to grow into men. The inner game sets PLU football apart from other schools, making us unique but successful.

L – Loves the game of football

U – Uncommon

T – Total Release

E – Enjoy the trip

S – Servant Warrior

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