Asian-Pacific Islanders (API) Club Plans to Revamp for Fall 2015




For Immediate Release
May 9, 2015
Matthew Orcilla, API President
Brandon Bruan, API Advisor


The Executive Committee of Asian-Pacific Islanders Club at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) along with current members of the organization plan to reinvent the club for fall 2015. They hope to create more diversity within the club by adding a second facet: performance. By expanding the club, the organization hopes to attract more members with an interest in performance.

API hosted a number of events in the past that they plan on continuing into the following school year. This past school year API collaborated with Lute Nation, PLU’s step team, to send out Valograms, which are singing Valentines. People who wanted to send a Valogram to someone else could choose a popular song and then members of API would sing and play guitar, while members of Lute Nation provided percussion.

API also performs a lion dance each year at Lute Life Day for perspective students. They perform Hula and Haka dances at Global Getdown and have ukulele performances.

API is considering expanding to be Asian-Pacific Islanders/Ukulele Club. The ukulele facet would represent performances of all kinds. Members could learn how to play guitar or ukulele, or learn how to perform different dances from different cultures.

Charlene Quach, treasurer of API, said, “People of all cultures and backgrounds are welcome to join API, but as of right now we are thinking about shifting the focus from API to strictly performance. There are so many different cultures, that it’s hard to focus on each and every one, at least with performances we all have something in common.”

The club lost popularity over time since it was originally created, but Dominic Napat along with help from Matthew Orcilla, president, Angelo Mejia, vice president, Johrel Perez, secretary, Charlene Quach, treasurer, and Victoria Rivera, choreographer, were able to reprise the club. Attend the involvement fair on Foss field after Convocation this fall 2015 to connect with API.

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About API

API’s purpose is to promote cultures within the Asian Pacific Islanders and educate ourselves, our peers, and the community so we can obtain unity through diversity and create a warm and welcoming environment for all students of Pacific Lutheran University. API also provides social activities and educational programs for the organization and the University community throughout the school year.

For more information please email or ‘Like’ the PLU Asian Pacific Islander Club Facebook page for updates on the club.

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