News Release: She’s One Step Closer to the Professional World of Music




For Immediate Release

DATE May 8, 2015 


Sadi Wentz, Junior


One Step Closer to the Professional World of Music

A junior at PLU is taking one step closer to her dreams by fulfilling her keystone requirement for her vocal performance major.

Sadi Wentz will be having her Junior Vocal Recital May 16 at 8 p.m. in Lagerquist Concert Hall.

The concert has three different musical sets. The first set is four pieces composed by Henry Purcell. The second set contains three different composers. These composers are Poldowski, Josef Szulc, and Gabriel Faure. The last set is three pieces composed by George Frideric Handel.

“I’m excited because it’s one step closer to being in the real world.” Wentz said. Wentz hopes one day to be a part of an opera chorus and a private vocal teacher.

Junior recitals are equivalent to keystone projects in other majors. The student first must pass their jury. The jury is where the student sings prepared songs in front of judges for assessment. If they pass, they are allowed to move forward with their junior recital. Students are in charge of the creation of the recital program, the translations, and the background information given about the composers. The student is in charge of their own recital. Passing the jury and performing in their recital allows them to move up to senior status.

The concert is free to anyone who would like to attend and refreshments will be offered after the recital. If you have any questions please contact Sadi Wentz.


Distinguished teachers, talented students, supportive public: these are the people who make the Department of Music at PLU a nationally recognized center for musical learning, serving, and sharing. We offer as much music as you want: formal degree programs, music minors, or just a great lesson every week. If you love music, you belong at PLU.

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