NEWS RELEASE: Choir of the West takes off for a Europe wide tour May 25



May 7,2015

Sadi Wentz
Pacific Lutheran University
(360) 367-1344

‘Choir of the West’ takes off for a Europe
wide tour May 25

Europe is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s the birthplace of western culture, including political systems, heritage and technologies. One thing Europe is also known for is the music culture. Beautiful cathedrals are toured by many different choirs just itching to hear the acoustics inside these age old buildings.

Under the leadership of Richard Nance, the Choir of the West are set to tour Europe closer towards the end of May. The tour goes from May 25 to June 8. During those two weeks, the choir will compete in a competition, and visit several places to stop and sing.

“Our first stop is Stockholm, then we make our way to Copenhagen, then to Wittenberg, then Prague, onto Linz for the choral competition, then to Munich to get on a plane home,” said Sadi Wentz, a student in the group.

During their time in Europe, the Choir of the West will have a few choral exchanges with different choirs. Their last exchange will be the competition that they have prepared so diligently for.

For more information on the tour, contact Sadi Wentz at (360) 367-1344


About Choir of the West

Choir of the West is the premier choral ensemble at Pacific Lutheran University. Choir of the West is made up of students from First-Year to Senior standing, majoring in a variety of subjects. Choir of the West has toured Japan, China, and recently Bulgaria.

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