News Release: Lute Run Magazine Returns With Yearly Issue


NEWS    RELEASEsaxifrage


For Immediate Release


Jakob Maier, Saxifrage Co-Editor

PLU students express themselves on a daily basis, but they rarely get the chance to reach an audience as large as the entire PLU community.  Artists and writers in the PLU community have hardly any venues to showcase their work.  Saxifrage gives them the chance to do just that.  PLU’s student run literary and art magazine will be releasing its 41st annual book on May 14.

Saxifrage has done their best to include art of all sorts in this year’s issue.  The book will consist of 16 images, 4 prose, 3 short stories, a personal essay, and about 25 poems.  Members of the PLU community have been submitting pieces to Saxifrage throughout the year. Because Saxifrage only puts out one book per year, the co-editors have been putting plenty of work into sorting them out.

One of Saxifrage’s co-editors is PLU Senior Jakob Maier.  As a writer who has seen several of his pieces published in various print and web magazines, Maier says that he takes great joy in giving young writers that exposure and validation.  “I love that Saxifrage gives immeasurable confidence to the writers that get published,” Maier said.

Saxifrage will be partnering with fellow PLU Student Media groups LASR Student Radio and The Matrix to host a release party for all three on May 14 at 7 p.m.  LASR and The Matrix will release their annual products along with Saxifrage’s book, all of which are free of charge.


Saxifrage was founded in 1975, and is PLU’s foremost literary and art magazine.  Saxifrage has released a book of pieces submitted by the PLU community in each year of its existence, amounting to 40 total books.  As a member of PLU Student Media, Saxifrage plays their part in Student Media’s mission to “engage student population and enrich the campus climate with dialogue, debate, and entertainment.”  Submissions to Saxifrage are open to everyone, regardless of position or major.

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