News Release: ASPLU Senator Brews Up Connections

By Michael Pham ’1720100903_PLU_logo_JPEG-300x297

For Immediate Release

May 7, 2015


Melissa Munson, ASPLU Senator

ASPLU Senator Brews Up Connections

Coffee dates are an easy way for people to get to know each other while enjoying refreshing beverages. One ASPLU senator is playing matchmaker, and is pairing up some unlikely couples.

Melissa Munson, a first-year, has organized an event called “Coffee with Professors” starting May 6. Through this event, students can meet with their instructors and learn more about them, complete with their favorite drink in hand.

Munson’s goal is to promote more communication between students and professors.

“[It can] be academic or social,” Munson said. “[And] provides a break during this crazy time.”

“Coffee with Professors” is a partnership between ASPLU, PLU’s student government, and Dining & Culinary Services. Vouchers allow participants to get coffee or tea at any of the locations that serve these beverages on campus, including Old Main Market and Kelley Café.

In order to participate, students must obtain a voucher from the ASPLU Office in the Anderson University Center. Students must also contact and organize their own meetings with their professors. “Coffee with Professors” will end May 22.

Contact Melissa Munson with any questions.



ASPLU consciously promotes the vision and reflect the many voices of the student body. ASPLU collaborates with other sources on campus to promote positive change.

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