Ben Erickson's promotional portrait for his book "Tell Them They Are Chosen." Photo by Brendin Nilsen.

Ben Erickson’s promotional portrait for his book “Tell Them They Are Chosen.” Photo by Brendin Nilsen.

A PLU alumnus released a book titled “Tell Them They Are Chosen” which is aimed at helping young adults find their purpose in the world.

Ben Erickson, a member of the 1969 PLU graduating class, released his book Dec. 1, 2014. The book is aimed at parents, teachers and youth pastors but applies to anybody who is involved in the lives of children.

Erickson started writing the book a number of years ago using his wisdom acquired through 20 years of teaching history and coaching football at Washington High School, 10 years of counseling in the Puyallup school district, four years of teaching special education in the Puyallup and Eatonville school districts, and nine years as a youth Pastor. Erickson still works as a substitute teacher and a life coach in retirement in hopes of continuing his mission to help young people.

“All of my years of experience introduced me to children who were floundering, confused, and hurting,” Erickson said.

“I wrote this book for adults to help those kids.” Erickson said. “There is a great need for adults to help these children.”

“Tell Them They Are Chosen” has already received great reviews. A reviewer on Amazon said, “Ben Erickson has explained how to empower teens/anyone to find and become what they were born to be. As a former psychiatric child care counselor, mother and nurse I wish I had this book years ago.” Another reviewer on Amazon said, “Coach Ben Erickson has written a great book for anyone who works with young people or who have young people in their lives. His message will help you examine your purpose and message when relating to these youth. We need more people who are willing to take this challenge to make a difference in the world today.”

Click on the cover to purchase the book.

Click on the cover to purchase the book.

Erickson had a book signing that was held at Washington High School March 28, 2015. At the book signing, I was able to speak with Erickson about the recent book release. During the event, he spoke to numerous parents, current and former Washington High School teachers, and friends about the importance of touching the lives of children. Many years later, Erickson’s former students still call him coach and look to him for guidance as many of them are now parents and find themselves in a position to impact the lives of children.

“Tell Them They Are Chosen” is available for purchase at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. This is a quick and easy read that will provide you with Erickson’s wisdom.

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