An All-State football player chose Pacific Lutheran University after declining offers from other schools in the Northwest Conference.


Winter points to the sideline trying to line up with the referee. Photo courtesy Trent Newman ’14

Brady Winter, senior at Puyallup High School, has officially committed to play football here in Parkland, Wash. next fall.

Winter is an All-State and All-Conference receiver. Players who have accolades similar to Winter sometimes have a bright future as college athletes.

In the Northwest Conference, Linfield, Pacific and PLU are usually the top programs. It is easier for recruiting coordinators to attract up and coming high school athletes because there is a rich tradition in these three program. Yet, these programs are unique in different ways.

“Linfield’s facilities were very nice. Their tradition of winning sparked a lot of my interest but after my visit, the coaches stopped calling me,” Winter said. Linfield prides themselves on a winning tradition. Last fall they made it all the way to the semi-finals.

Pacific University is a new program. They brought the football team back four years ago after funding and support came through. Recruiting has been tough for the Lutes during the past couple years because the team was not very successful. But as their program matured the team’s reputation grew. That first class stayed in the program all four years, creating a dominant senior class last fall. With a 6-3 record, Pacific is now in the race when it comes to recruiting. Winter said he considered Pacific, “The new team was good, but that also turned me away from their program. They were good last year, but how good will they be next year?”


Winter showing off his athleticism as he makes an excellent catch across the middle. Photo courtesy Viking Vanguard

With a 3.4 GPA and 1500 SAT, Winter had no problem getting accepted into these private universities. He received financial aid from all of the schools. Many wonder why he chose PLU.

Winter said his parents had no influence on his decision in any major way. They gave him the power of choice. After visiting PLU, he said he felt like he fit in from the beginning. The young receiver spent some of his Sunday afternoons at PLU’s turf facility participating in the player led practice (7-on-7).

“At 7-on-7, I spent some quality time with the guys. I was able to hang out with them, have fun, but also improve my skills as a football player. They were so welcoming and helpful. Their football tradition, prestigious academia, and location of the school are all reasons why I chose PLU. But the biggest reason why I chose PLU, my older brother, DJ Winter,” Winter said.

Next fall, Brady Winter will play alongside his big brother, DJ Winter.


Winter evades defenders as he runs down the field last fall. Photo courtesy Trent Newman ’14


Winter protects the ball as he gets talked by a couple defenders. Photo courtesy Trent Newman ’14


Winter dodging defenders. Photo courtesy NelsonHD 2014


After making the catch, Winter looks downfield. Photo courtesy Daniel Winter


Winter running downfield. Photo courtesy Viking Vanguard


Winter looking downfield. Photo courtesy Trent Newman ’14

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