Stabbing near PLU guts student confidence in neighborhood safety


The News Tribune reported that a dispute broke out over a noise complaint at the 400 block of Wheeler Street in February. The verbal encounter soon turned physical. This led to a knife attack that left 50-year-old Dan Hoglund dead. The 21-year-old suspect was arrested on Feb. 23 and will face second-degree murder charges.

The University Park apartment complex sits only a couple of feet from the Pacific Lutheran University campus. The close proximity of the violence to campus led to an increased presence of campus safety following the knife attack. Many students joke about the scrappy state of the Parkland neighborhood, but this event left students stunned. The status of the neighborhood was no longer a laughing matter among the student population.

The fatal stabbing has left many students concerned about their safety. Julie Johansen, a junior, said, “This is very scary. My mom called me worried about my safety.” Many other students had been contacted by their parents regarding this issue. Even though no students were hurt, many students feel victimized to a certain degree as they no longer feel safe living on or near campus.

Going forward, campus safety will continue to monitor the surrounding neighborhood but this violent encounter is viewed as an isolated incident and is not part of a growing crime trend in the Parkland neighborhood. Students should not be afraid to roam around Parkland, but they should take precaution and alert the authorities and campus safety if they notice anything suspicious.

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