PLU Football – Sacrifice or Regret…


It takes a lot of sacrifice to be a football player at the collegiate level. That is a common goal for high school seniors. The football players here at PLU are all top high school athletes living their dream, playing college football.

As soon as football season ends late November, early December the off-season begins. Players are put through a tough lifting schedule and the whole month of March is dedicated to improving speed and agility. Every Tuesday and Thursday players are not forced, but expected to be in Memorial Gym at 6:45 a.m.

Sophomore running back, Darin Hardgrove said, “I enjoy the early workouts. It’s more then improving speed. The biggest reason why we have these is the bonding and relationships we develop and strengthen.”

Coaches don’t force this upon the players. Coaches are not aloud there because it’s against NCAA regulations. So the dedication from the team comes from the individual and how bad they want to improve.

I asked Kyle Bennett, a senior captain how many people attend this workout. He said, “We started out with 50, plus guys, but the number dropped. We average 38 guys every Tues. and Thurs.”

Those numbers have dropped because guys don’t like waking up, work, or they have a test early that morning. All four captains are pleased with the turn out of guys. They know the guys who are constantly there. The ones who are sacrificing there sleep and time to improve speed, but more importantly, relationships.

PLU Football

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