Nursing event on PLU campus

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Creative Commons


Campus is filled with a variety of events from sports to theater productions to lectures. Pacific Lutheran University hosted a special event from 7:30 – 9 p.m. on Mar. 16 in Hauge Administration 101: Lecture Hall.

PLU hosted an event called When Medicine Got It Wrong. The event was through the National Alliance on Mental Illness and is not affiliated with an organization here on campus. The event consisted of watching a video called “When Medicine Got It Wrong” and then having a small discussion afterward.

The expected head count for the event was 50 people and was used to implement a kick start for their club and raise awareness for what NAMI does. Dayna Devereaux, a sophomore nursing student at PLU said, “The event seemed interesting” and “I might go to a future event to see what NAMI is about.”

The video was about, “In the 1970s, a small group of ordinary parents rocked the halls of psychiatry, launching a grassroots movement that challenged medicine, policy-making and American culture at large.” The video gave background information about NAMI and the changes they have made through their organization.

NAMI hopes to educate others about the history of medicine.

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