News Release: Lute Looks Set To Launch New Website

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From Lute Looks


Jan. 5, 2015


Grace Takehara, creator/editor of Lute Looks, (360) 770-7493,

Lute Looks Set To Launch New Website

Lute Looks is looking to build its fan base with a brand new website launch on Jan. 15, 2015. Lute Looks is a fashion blog that features Pacific Lutheran University students. Grace Takehara, a junior at PLU, is the creator and editor of Lute Looks. “The new website will both improve the user’s experience through well organized and intuitive web design as well as support and showcase newly developed content published by contributors,” she said.

Once the new website is launched, blog posts will be more frequent than they have been in the past. There will be contributors dedicated to covering music, fashion culture and developing content to continue highlighting the students at PLU. More contributors will allow Lute Looks to showcase different tastes in fashion and music.

Lute Looks is a fashion blog first, but also shows some great music taste. Custom-made playlists have been a regular feature on Lute Looks. With the new website will come even more music, with a weekly playlist, concert reviews, and song reviews.

Lute Looks hopes to take strides forward with the release of the new website, moving from Tumblr to Squarespace. “All are additions that Lute Looks is excited to reveal to users and believes will continue to propel Lute Looks forward as a hub of PLU culture,” Takehara said.

Lute Looks was established in August 2013 and continues to capture and feature fashionable students at PLU. Visit Lute Looks at and on Facebook.




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