PLU does Christmas

Who brings all the Christmas Spirit?

The tree lighting in Red Square, the light-up cross and many Christmas-spirited activities are brought to Pacific Lutheran University by Campus Ministry.

Reverends Nancy Connor and Dennis Sepper led students in prayers and carols to welcome the Christmas season on Wed. Nov. 3. The Reverends attend and contribute to many of the Christmas events each year. This year, they welcomed the holiday season with a Christmas Tree Lighting in Red Square and several chorus concerts.

Campus Ministry hosts the lighting each year. PLU alumni, Linda and Dave Pyle (’01, ’98) have donated the fur tree that was lit. A star on the top of Harstad Hall and a cross lit by the University Center accompany the tree. The ministry also lights up the rose window atop the university’s Karren Hillie Phillips Center.

Thanks to the ministry, Red Square will shine through finals time.

The ministry is also very active in the holiday concerts around campus. Along with President Krise, the ministry has attended and will be sponsoring the final Christmas concert.

It’s all about music


Pacific Lutheran University celebrates Christmas through music. There are Christmas tree lightings, cookies and hot cocoa but the most predominant part of winter at PLU is the Christmas concerts.

High school students from across the state come to listen and play in PLU’s Christmas concerts. Each music class also has an end-of-semester Christmas concert. Christmas at PLU is truly about music.

“We have some great concerts coming up,” said PLU President Thomas Krise. “We do the tree lighting but we have a lot of concerts coming up and I’m excited for them all.”

President Krise said Christmas on campus revolves around the concerts and they give other students the opportunity to celebrate Christmas. President Krise goes to many of the PLU Christmas concerts. The final concert, on Dec. 13 is known as the “President’s Concert.”

One of the most predominant concert series is “Journey of Light” put on by the Pacific Lutheran University Choir of the West, University Choral and members of University Symphony Orchestra. Their program is set to present anthems, processionals, carols, narration and audience participation in songs.

The “Journey of Light” has been bringing Christmas music and spirit to PLU since 2009. This year, their show will have three campus shows and the group performed Seattle’s Benaroya Hall.

The final “Journey of Light” performance is this Saturday, Dec. 13.

Lutes give back

Christmas is not only a time for cheer, joy, music and trees. The PLU community gives back to the surrounding area each year for the holidays.winterfest

The music department and the ministry are not the only organizations involved in spreading the Christmas spirit. PLU Athletics volunteer in the Parkland community each year at Winterfest.

Winterfest is a charity project put on each year located at PLU’s East Campus. Winterfest gives low-income families the opportunities to come to PLU campus, get Christmas toys and winter clothing for their children while students watch and play games with their children.

Students have donated their time, toys, winter coats and money.

Winterfest will take place Saturday, Dec. 13 from 9a.m. – 1 p.m. and donations will be accepted until the event.

According to Winterfest organizers, volunteer signups are full thanks to PLU’s help and influence. PLU’s Student Athletic Advisory Committee sign up dozens of student athletes to volunteer at Winterfest each year and this year is no different.

Athletes will be helping parents find toys and clothing as well as entertaining young children while their parents “shop.”

Student wish list

We asked around campus and put together the PLU Christmas Pinterest Boards. One represents what students asked for for Christmas and the other represents each student’s favorite holiday activity. Check it out here:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.26.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.27.15 PM


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