PLU for Ferguson


News Release

From the Diversity Center, Pacific Lutheran University



Dec. 3, 2014


Angie Hambrick, director, Diversity Center, (253) 535-8180

Nicole Juliano, programs coordinator, Diversity Center, (253) 535-7498

PLU for Ferguson

The upsetting Ferguson decision and its events will not go unaddressed by Pacific Lutheran University. PLU takes action in the controversial uproar.

An open community forum dedicated to processing recent events in Ferguson, honoring lives lost to racialized violence, and supporting action oriented responses will be held. Join fellow students, faculty and staff in the Scandinavian Cultural Center, this Thursday, Dec. 4 at 4 p.m. This event will offer an opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of community trauma, resistance, and mobilization. In addition, uplifting voices and stories of those individuals and communities impacted by racialized violence will be spoken.

This event is sponsored by The Women’s Center, The Diversity Center and Center for Community Engagement & Service. It will be hosted by the dCenter.

For more information, you may reach Angie Hambrick at or Nicole Juliano at To learn more about the Diversity Center on campus, check out its website or stop by the lower AUC.


The Diversity Center is committed to empowering the PLU community to engage in dialogue, programs, and initiatives that promote and enhance equity, agency, and action.

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