News Release: PLU’s Gospel Choir


News Release                    1673_1

 From the Pacific Lutheran University, Gospel Choir






Nov. 25, 2014



Melannie Cunningham, adviser, PLU Gospel Choir, (253) 535-8716

Teryn Reche, president, PLU Gospel Choir, (253) 365-9880


The emerging choir at Pacific Lutheran University will have you yelling Hallelujah!

The Gospel Choir is new to Pacific Lutheran University. Unlike other choirs on campus, you do not have to audition for this one. The gospel choir is a club, which means that it is run by students and overseen by an adviser. Although the choir is a club and not an official university choir, it is still legitimate. There are rehearsals and during performances, a director along with musicians, are present.

Teryn Reche, president of Gospel Choir, says how the club is different from other choirs on campus.

“Gospel Choir is student lead, which means that the future and success of the club determines on us students,” Reche said. “This club gives students the opportunity to practice leadership skills while gaining a more diverse cultural understanding.”

Thus, the Gospel Choir is not only different because it is a club and its genre, but because of the history and tradition behind the music.

Gospel music has a long and cherished tradition. Gospel is a genre of Christian music. This form of music is composed and performed for many purposes including aesthetic pleasure and religious or ceremonial purposes. The history of Gospel can be traced back to the early 17th history, with roots in the black oral tradition.

The choir will be performing during black history month for their first event,in order to emphasize a large part of the black culture. A collection of songs will be performed for the student body to enjoy. This event will be sponsored by the PLU Office of Administration, Campus Ministry and the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance.

The need for a Gospel Choir was addressed by Melannie Cunningham, adviser of Gospel Choir.

“Since I work in the Admission office my perspective comes from that point of view. If prospective students can connect with the student life experience on a cultural level by knowing we have a Gospel Choir, in addition to a solid academic experience, it becomes one more thing to help them determine if PLU is a good fit. It is also equally important for current PLU students to have as many options as possible to connect with diverse communities on a cultural level. Gospel music offers this opportunity,” Cunningham said.

PLU’s Gospel Choir’s mission is to lead the congregation into versatile, lively and powerful worship; to build a community that is open to diverse and nontraditional church music; and to connect cultural and spiritual experiences in order to broaden the worship experiences at PLU.



For more information, feel free to e-mail Teryn Reche at You may also reach Melannie Cunningahm at To learn more information about PLU clubs go here.

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