News Release: Discussing the New Standard of Consent

From Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, Washington

November 25, 2014

Natasha Laitila, Sex+ Intern, Women’s Center & Diversity Center, (253)-228-2401,

Discussing the New Standard of Consent: Yes Means Yes

All students of Pacific Lutheran University are invited to Yes Means Yes, a Sex+ event that will discuss the recent legislation defining sexual consent. This workshop, featuring Dr. Kaitlyn Sill, will be in AUC 133 Dec. 3 at 6 p.m.

The phrase “no means no” is no longer a sufficient definition of consent, and can lead to ambiguous sexual allegations. This has prompted a new standard of sexual consent in the state of California.

The Yes Means Yes law was passed by Gov. Jerry Brown last month, eliminating the excuse of silence as consent. The new law now provides a clear definition of what consent is: “Yes.” Not only has this affected college campuses statewide, but it has planted seeds across the nation as well.

With today’s standing sexual assault statistics, this progressive legislation will work towards educating today’s young people and diminishing the rate of sexual abuse. Through this workshop, Dr. Sill will elaborate on the meaning behind Yes Means Yes and the way it will affect today’s generation moving forward.

About Sex+

Sex+ is a year-long series sponsored by the Diversity Center, Women’s CenterHealth Center and Lute Fit. Since 2010, the Sex+ program has worked to establish a safe space for students to initiate positive conversations concerning sex, gender and sexuality.



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