Development of Garfield Station

Still more questions regarding “Garfield Station”, opposed to answers

by Steven McGrain & Austin Hilliker

There are many concerns regarding the new “Garfield Station,” which is located a block away from Pacific Lutheran University. The most apparent of those concerns is the decrease in student enrollment and no businesses occupying the space.

The already prolonged site still has many unanswered questions for the Parkland community. For local business owners, the curiosity and unknowing of what types of stores will go underneath the apartments is making them worry about a decrease in revenue. To their knowledge, there are no businesses that have claimed the space, only rumors of a frozen yogurt shop and a sushi restaurant. These are only speculations.

The incomplete project also has nothing inside either, so there is no way of visualizing the finished product until the subcontractors are able to get access within the building. A place months past its scheduled opening, still has more speculation opposed to concrete facts.

The new development will be regarded as “Garfield North” to Pacific Lutheran students, and “Garfield Station” to the surrounding community. The site will compliment South Hall, which is located on the southern portion of the University’s campus. Erica, a member of the Garfield Street Business Association and owner of Pita Pit said, “Along the street will be owned by Affinity Real Estate Company, on the opposite side where the parking is, that will be reserved for PLU.”

With a decline in enrollment and many vacancies within the dormitories, the attraction regarding the view of a parking lot will not be enticing to future Lutes. If the space owned by PLU was on the street side, there would be more interest from students, which could give the possibility of them living off campus and change the trend of enrollment in a positive manner.

“Garfield North” will have many amenities, which are not available in the dorms. The characteristics of the site that are different, is the “state-of-the-art theatre and gaming room” contrary to the dorms, which have a ping pong table, televisions, and couches (Affinity Real Estate Management Inc., 2014) There will never be a wait for a washer and dryer, as they are in each unit. There is a “24-hour fitness room,” but students will most likely use Names Fitness Center considering the variety of equipment (Affinity Real Estate Management Inc., 2014) A feature, which may or may not pertain to PLU students, is that it is pet friendly, something that is not allowed at South Hall.

The new development of the off-campus living is something to keep track of in the upcoming months. There are a total of 86 units still available for rent and with no businesses leasing the space; it will be tough for anyone to occupy the apartments come fall of 2015. The cheapest apartment is a studio starting at $795.00 and the most expensive rent per month is $1,575.00.

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