Month: November 2014

LASR: Road to Relaunch

Last February, Olivia Ash, the general manager of Lute Air Student Radio, received a letter from the Recording Industry Association of America that threatened the continuation of student radio at PLU. The letter informed LASR that the station was not… Read More ›

Development of Garfield Station

Still more questions regarding “Garfield Station”, opposed to answers by Steven McGrain & Austin Hilliker There are many concerns regarding the new “Garfield Station,” which is located a block away from Pacific Lutheran University. The most apparent of those concerns… Read More ›

Lutes 125

BY JENNA MACKENZIE `15 PLU is turning One Hundred and Twenty Five this year, so we went around campus and asked people what they thought made a Lute. We’ll be celebrating with various events around the school year. Be sure… Read More ›

People on Putin

BY RIZELLE ROSALES ’18 AND MATT AUST ’17 Rizelle Rosales and Matt Aust took to the streets to get PLU students’ thoughts on one of today’s most powerful leaders. Whatever Putin’s next move is, PLU students will be watching.

Yak about Yik Yak

By ERIKA FISCHER, ’15 and KAITLYN HALL, ’17 PLU students are dishing out the gossip, and some aren’t taking it. Yik Yak has come to campus. Yik Yak’s attack on college campuses may soon be over as universities band together… Read More ›

Do you even organic?

By ALEXANDER VO ’16 Growing organic often takes more effort, time, and usually costs more than conventional produce. Customers will have to make a choice between their health or the weight of their wallets. While customers remain split on organic… Read More ›