Seahawk fan becomes youngest Sea Gal


A dancer of 16 years had the opportunity of a lifetime to dance for the football team she grew up cheering on. Christian Fernandez, 19, cheers as a Sea Gal for the Seattle Seahawks.


Fernandez cheering on the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Photo courtesy of CHRISTIAN FERNANDEZ.

Fernandez said she started dancing at the young age of 3 and fell in love right away. Her passion for dancing even inspired others.

“She was always dancing when we were together,” childhood best friend, Krista Morford, said. “She’s the reason I begged my mom to put me in dance classes.”

Fernandez and Morford danced together for many years, but as Morford’s desire to dance withered, Fernandez’s blossomed. Her senior year of high school she decided to try out for the Sea Gals.

“My family has always been big Seahawks fans, and I wanted a job doing something that I loved.” Fernandez said.

Fernandez was only 17 years old when she tried out for the Sea Gals and became the youngest woman to be a Sea Gal at the age of 18. “Try-outs were very intimidating because I was so young,” Fernandez said. “But once I made the team the girls were welcoming. I didn’t even notice the age difference.” Once on the team, practices started immediately. Fernandez missed out on the typical life of a teenager because dancing took up all of her time. She said experiences with the Sea Gals made up for that however.

Fernandez said her best moment as a Sea Gal was cheering at the 2014 Super Bowl in New York. “I can’t even describe it,” Fernandez said. “So much happened.” Fernandez was selected as one of nine other Sea Gals to dance at the halftime show for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Pictures of Fernandez dancing at the Super Bowl can be viewed here.


Fernandez supporting the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Photo courtesy of CHRISTIAN FERNANDEZ.

Fernandez’s job entails more than just cheering on game days and dancing at the Super Bowl. She must attend every practice for the Seattle Seahawks. The Sea Gals practice two times a week starting at 6 p.m. and ending around midnight. “You have to dig deep when the practices go so late. They can get exhausting,” Fernandez said. Promotions are also mandatory in attendance, but not as exhausting as practices. “Promoting the Seahawks is fun. My favorite promotion is going to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.” Fernandez said.

On top of practices and promotions, part of being a Sea Gal includes looking the part at all times. The Sea Gals must have their hair and makeup done at every practice, promotion, and game. Fernandez said that Sea Gals receive free tanning, hair salon, nail salon, and gym memberships to help with keeping their appearance.

All the time and effort put into being a Sea Gal is worth it, according to Fernandez. “Nothing beats the feeling of stepping out and cheering on game days.” Fernandez said.

The link for Fernandez’s Sea Gal bio can be viewed here.

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  1. I love this! I like how young she was, an inspiration!

  2. This is so entertaining, Lena! Great job.

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