Norwegian Students bring Killer Sport to PLU


Camilla Herrem of the Norwegian National Team. Credit: Creative Commons

By Julie Stromsvold, International Student

Two Norwegian PLU students are organizing the Intramural Handball Tournament April 7 at Olsen Gym.

The match is arranged by Aagot Gurandsrud and Sondre Eriksen, two of the approximately 170 international students at PLU. Handball is one of the biggest sports in Norway. The Women’s Norwegian National Handball Team has won multiple World Cups and Olympic medals since 1986.

Gurandsrud said she used to be an avid handball player and she said many Norwegian students have expressed an interest in the PLU Intramural Handball Tournament. “We also hope to introduce the game to more Americans.”

Although it is last minute, players are still welcome to sign up for a team. “This tournament is just for fun, so everyone is welcome to join, regardless of experience.”

The first tournament will be held April 7, 8 p.m. in Olsen Gym at Pacific Lutheran University. Anyone wishing to join can do so on, or find the Intramural Handball Tournament’s Facebook page.

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