Food Symposium feeds PLU students knowledge

By: Kaitlyn Porter ’15

Pacific Lutheran University students have the opportunity to discuss global hunger and food culture during the Food Symposium that kicked off yesterday at Lagerquist Hall on PLU campus.

Thisfood symposium plu event focuses on the topic of food democracy throughout the world. Panelists from on-and off-campus will discuss the importance of food and the challenges related to it. These panel discussions started today and will conclude this Saturday April 5. The symposium will also include fun activities centered on food such as cooking demonstrations, snacks and community outreach. The final day will be committed as a day of service in which PLU students can volunteer for garden work parties around Parkland.

Today’s panels discussed food and diversity. Panelists discussed social and cultural diversity, as well as biodiversity and their relationship with the food surrounding it. Nicole Juliano, coordinator of PLU’s diversity center, said she was most intrigued with a panelist from the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. Juliano said the most valuable concept she learned from the Muckleshoot speaker was, “It isn’t just about the food, but rather to honor the plants and animals that provide life.”

The food symposium hopes to provide students with information about something many take for granted every day. If you are hungry for more, visit the PLU Department of Philosophy page for a list of symposium events and activities.

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