Women’s and gender studies program ‘affects every single person’

The Women’s and Gender Studies program is well-known and very active on the Pacific Lutheran University campus. The program offers both majors and minors in women and gender studies, with the goal to teach students how to critically analyze the everyday life and world around them.

The program offers different courses in various concentrations on the PLU campus. Classes range from analyzing “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer to researching the philosophy of sex in the past and present.

The Women's and Gender Studies program website at PLU.

The Women’s and Gender Studies program website at PLU.

While also providing academic classes, the Women’s and Gender Studies program at PLU also partners with clubs and other areas of interest on campus. Each year, the Women and Gender Studies program teams up with the Women’s Center and Diversity Center to bring the Vagina Monologues to campus, as well as various Sex Positive lectures throughout the year.

Junior Jarel Sanders declared his Women’s and Gender studies minor last year after Brad Henning, a purity speaker, came to speak on the PLU campus.

“I had never been personally attacked in so many ways for being the way that I am,” Sanders said. “I immediately went to the head of the women and gender studies program here and declared my minor.”

While many campuses are now offering programs in women and gender studies, it’s still not as common as an English or Mathematics degree. But, many students, including Sanders believe it’s important for every college to offer a degree in Women’s and Gender studies.

“[Women’s and Gender Studies] is a study that affects every single person in our culture. This area of study helps shape the world for anyone that chooses to study it, and brings about a new sense of self and how their gender is used to either give them privilege or oppression,” Sanders said.

In the next upcoming weeks, the Women’s and Gender Studies program will be hosting a couple events open to the PLU community. On April 16, they will be hosting a screening of the film, “Girl Rising,” a documentary which focuses on different girls living in different countries around the world. Following the film, a discussion will take place about the documentary.

If you are interested in declaring a major or minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, contact the chair of the program, Lisa Marcus, at marcusls@plu.edu to schedule a meeting.

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