Celebrating new minor at PLU focused on Holocaust and Genocide Studies

pluPacific Lutheran University’s Wang Center will host a symposium that could not come at a better time in PLU’s history.

This year’s symposium will incorporate two events, focusing on Shoah, which is another term for the Holocaust. The first event will be Feb. 20-21 and the second will be held March 12-14, 2104. These events coordinate perfectly with PLU’s recent addition of a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. This symposium acts as a way to celebrate the new minor, along with embracing PLU’s mission for global education.

The symposium is attracting students from a variety of disciplines at PLU.

“I think it sounds interesting,” said Tiana Wamba, a junior majoring in psychology.

Wamba has not taken classes in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, but thinks the symposium could possibly spark her interest. She may consider taking one in the future.

The minor requires a minimum of 20 credits, including eight required and 12 elective credits. The two required classes are ‘Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies’ and ‘The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jews.’ Both of these core topics will be discussed throughout the Shoah symposium.

Next week’s event will focus on “Legacy of the Shoah”. It will help students understand genocides, war crimes and crimes against humanity. There will be a wide range of speakers, panel discussions and keynotes throughout the two days.

“I am really looking forward to the different keynote speakers,” Wamba said.

More information about the Shoah symposium can be found at http://wangcentersymposium.org/.

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