Four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee to visit PLU campus

Dr. Stienar Bryn visiting PLU in 2013.

The Communication Department and Norwegian Studies Program at Pacific Lutheran University have invited Steinar Bryn, Ph.D from Lillehammer, Norway to campus. Bryn will stop off at the PLU campus Feb. 24-25 before he goes to the Nobel forum in Minneapolis.

Bryn is the leading architect of the Nansen Dialogue Network (NDN). His dialogue and peace building work has been successful throughout the Balkans.

Through the Nansen model of dialogue, deeply divided communities have worked to create co-existence and integration. The work has been so successful that the NDN has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, that was his third nomination. Bryn has been nominated four times in total.

Poster for “Reunion”

Bryn will visit several Communication conflict courses and Norwegian language courses as well as host open sessions for current and prospective majors.

On Feb. 25, Bryn will screen and discuss the award-winning film “Reunion” about dialogue work in Kosovo. The film is captivating from start to finish.

The screening will take place in the CK East from 6-8 p.m. and is open to the campus community.

For more information on NDN please visit:

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